Bicycle helmets: safety begins above the head

Bicycle helmets are an absolute must for every cyclist. Whether you’re on the road, off-road or on a road bike, safety should always come first. In this blog, we’ll be looking at everything related to bike helmets. From the wide selection of helmets in the ROSE store, to different models for different applications, to tests and reviews. You’ll also learn what to look for when buying, how to determine your helmet size and how to ensure the perfect fit. We answer frequently asked questions and give you tips on the care and maintenance of your bike helmet. So grab your helmet and let’s go!

Helmets for every application

Bicycle helmets are available for every area of use. Whether children, men or women – for all cyclists a helmet is an important protection. Bicycle helmets are compulsory in Germany and should be worn on every ride to protect against injury in the event of a fall. There is a wide range of bicycle helmets, from road bike helmets to mountain bike helmets and BMX helmets. Choosing the right helmet should be linked to several factors, such as head circumference, ventilation, weight and fit. Popular brands for bicycle helmets are Giro, Uvex, Abus, Alpina and Lazer. Many models offer additional features such as a visor, reflectors or a customization option. When choosing the right bike helmet, safety should always come first.

Never without my bike helmet

When it comes to cycling, safety should always come first. A crucial aspect of ensuring your safety on the road is wearing a helmet, regardless of your age or experience. A bicycle helmet protects your head in the event of an accident or fall by shielding it from potential injury and minimizing the risk of concussions, broken bones or brain trauma. Therefore, it is essential to always ride with a bicycle helmet, as this is an essential safety measure for your own well-being.

A bicycle helmet is an important protection for everyday life. Whether you’re riding to the supermarket or to work, a city helmet offers you reliable protection on your bike. It is versatile and offers a high wearing comfort for your daily tours. Both children and adults should wear a helmet in everyday life to protect themselves from head injuries. Modern bicycle helmets consist of a hard foam shell covered with a thin layer of harder plastic. So you can be safe and secure on the road.

When choosing the right bicycle helmet, it is necessary to consider several factors. First and foremost is the fit, because the right fit is crucial for maximum protection. A well-fitting helmet should sit well on the head without slipping excessively. Ventilation is another important aspect to consider, as it will help keep you cool and comfortable on long rides. A well-ventilated helmet prevents excessive sweating and provides good air circulation around the head. The weight of the helmet is also important, as a lighter helmet will be more comfortable for longer rides.

The market offers a wide range of bicycle helmets for different disciplines and personal preferences. Whether you’re a road bike, mountain bike, BMX or just a commuter, there’s a wide range of helmets to suit your individual needs. Popular brands like Giro, Uvex, Abus, Alpina and Lazer offer a wide range of helmets with different features and styles. The choice is huge – from slim and lightweight models to helmets designed specifically for children. By carefully selecting a helmet that meets your needs, you can greatly improve your safety and overall riding experience.

In Germany there is no helmet obligation for cyclists, but it is recommended to wear a suitable and optimally protective bicycle helmet. There is a wide range of well protective helmets that provide indispensable protection. Even if there is no legal obligation, it is important to read the test reports and think about a bicycle helmet. The helmet can help prevent serious injuries in accidents and improve safety while cycling.

Bicycle helmets

Bicycle helmet – protection and safety while cycling. Choosing the right bicycle helmet is crucial for head safety. When buying a bicycle helmet should take into account factors such as size, weight, ventilation and visibility. Children’s helmets are designed specifically for the needs of children. Helmets with MIPS technology provide additional protection against rotational forces in the event of an impact. Well-known brands like Giro, Uvex and Abus offer a wide range of bicycle helmets in different colors and sizes. Always remember to properly fit your bike helmet and check it regularly for damage. Stay safe on the road with a quality bike helmet.

Bicycle helmets in test

When choosing a bicycle helmet must take into account several important factors. These include the size, fit and level of protection that the helmet provides. Whether you’re a road cyclist, mountain biker or everyday rider, it’s important to find a helmet that fits your specific needs. In our extensive tests and reviews, we have identified the best bike helmets on the market. Our reviews cover a wide range of models, including helmets with special features like visors or MIPS technology. Discover the ideal helmet for your cycling and ensure maximum safety and comfort on the road.

The perfect fit – this is what you should consider when buying

When choosing the perfect bike helmet, you need to consider several factors. First, you should prioritize safety by choosing a bike helmet that fits well and protects your head adequately. Second, consider the specific needs of the cyclist, such as whether it is suitable for adults or children, for urban or off-road use. You should also pay attention to important features like visors, ventilation and impact protection. Popular brands like Giro, Uvex and Abus offer a wide range of options. Helmets with MIPS technology offer additional safety, but can also come at a higher price. Remember to check the suitability of the helmet for your head size and personal preferences to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Guide to determine your helmet size

For the right helmet size, you should measure your head circumference to make sure the helmet fits well and provides enough protection. Measure your head circumference with a tape measure about 2.5 cm above your eyebrows. Then compare the measured head circumference with the manufacturer’s size chart to select the appropriate helmet size. Note that the helmet should fit snugly without exerting uncomfortable pressure. A well-fitting bicycle helmet should not wobble or slip and must adequately protect the head in the event of a fall.

When the strap system of a helmet fits your head

An excellent bike helmet is equipped with an adjustable strap system that sits reliably and comfortably on your head. The harness system adjusts effortlessly to ensure a custom fit. Make sure the helmet sits securely and comfortably on your head without exerting uncomfortable pressure. The strap system should be easy to open and close so that you can easily put on and take off the helmet. Before buying, test the harness system to make sure it works properly and provides you with reliable protection.

How to customize a bicycle helmet

To ensure optimal protection and comfort, it is important to customize a bicycle helmet. First, determine your helmet size by measuring the circumference of your head about 2.5 cm above the eyebrows. Select the correct helmet size by comparing the measured head circumference with the manufacturer’s size chart. The helmet should fit securely without pressing or wobbling. An adjustable retention system allows for a customized fit, while vents provide good air circulation. Look for a helmet with adequate padding for comfort and shock absorption. Consider additional features like a removable visor or reflective elements for better visibility. Whether for commuters, mountain bikers or BMX riders – the right fit is crucial. In Germany, brands such as Alpina, Lazer and Uvex offer a wide range of helmets. Remember that safety always comes first and choose a helmet that meets your specific needs.

Common questions when buying a bicycle helmet

Questions often arise when buying a bicycle helmet. A crucial factor is the size of the helmet to ensure a perfect fit for optimal protection. The choice of material is also important. High-quality bicycle helmets are made of lightweight and robust components such as polycarbonate or EPS foam. Safety features such as vents, adjustable restraints, and reflective elements help increase visibility. It is advisable to replace the bicycle helmet regularly, especially after a strong impact, to maintain its effectiveness.

How much does a good bike helmet cost?

The price of a quality bike helmet depends on the brand, model and features. As a rule, it is between 50 and 150 euros. It is important to invest in a helmet that meets safety standards and fits well. Compare prices and features of different brands before you decide.

When do you have to replace a bicycle helmet?

It is recommended to replace a bicycle helmet every five years. It is also important to replace the helmet if it has been damaged in an accident or shows visible cracks and signs of wear. In addition, the helmet should be replaced if it no longer fits properly or is uncomfortable.

What is special about helmets for children?

Children’s helmets are specially tailored to the needs and head circumference of children. They offer additional safety features such as reflective elements and reinforced construction. In addition, they often come in fun designs or colors to increase acceptance among children. When buying a child’s helmet, it is important to choose the right size and make sure it fits properly and is adjusted correctly.

MIPS – Does my helmet need it?

Yes, MIPS stands for “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System” and is an additional safety feature in bicycle helmets. It may reduce the risk of brain injury from oblique impacts. Deciding whether you need a helmet with MIPS depends on your personal preferences and budget. More about MIPS you can find in this article (placeholder for MIPS article link)


When it comes to bike helmets, both men and women need to prioritize their safety on the road. While bike helmets are equally important for all genders, there are models that adapt to different head shapes and hair lengths. When choosing the right bike helmet, make sure that the helmet fits securely and comfortably. Adjustable straps and a reliable closure system are important to keep the helmet in place during intense rides. When choosing a bicycle helmet, it is also important to pay attention to the safety standards indicated on the test mark. When safety is paramount, both men and women can enjoy their cycling adventures without worry.

Head circumference

When choosing a bicycle helmet, it is important to consider your head circumference. Accurately measuring the circumference of your head ensures a proper fit and provides optimal protection. Prefer helmets that have a snug but comfortable fit and prevent the helmet from slipping while riding. Adjustable systems that allow you to adjust the fit to your head circumference are advantageous. In addition, lightweight and well-ventilated helmets increase comfort while cycling. Make sure the bike helmet you choose meets safety standards, such as CE certification or EN standards, to ensure adequate protection.


Choosing the right bicycle helmet is critical to your safety and comfort while cycling. The brand of helmet plays an important role in this decision. The top brands on the market include Bell, Giro, Abus and Kask. These well-known brands are known for their high-quality materials, durable construction and innovative safety features. If you take into account the brand, you can be sure that you choose a reliable helmet that will provide the necessary protection. In addition to the brand, you should also consider other factors such as size, ventilation and adjustability when choosing a suitable bicycle helmet. Thanks to the wide selection, you can find the perfect helmet to meet your specific needs.


In summary, there is a wide range of bicycle helmets that are suitable for every area of use. When buying a bike helmet, make sure it fits perfectly and the strap system fits your head. It is also important to know how to determine the correct helmet size and customize the helmet. If you have questions about buying a bike helmet, you can find frequently asked questions and useful information in our blog. Remember that a good bicycle helmet is an investment in your safety and should be checked regularly. Especially for children there are special helmets with special protective functions. To learn more about MIPS technology or for in-store product availability information, visit our store. Choose the best bike helmet and ride safely!